Towards Perfection

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eltresdeseptiembre asked:

what's your workout routine? If you don't mind sharing :)

Towards Perfection answered:

I have two weight days a week which I break up into upper body/core and lower body/core. I rarely do the same routine twice so it’s be hard to say. I do basic weight lifting (squat, bench, press) plus plenty of other things that would take forever to list!

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Anonymous asked:

This might be a dumb question because you probably get it all the time but in order to lose weight, how much cardio/working out would you suggest a week? And how long exactly?

Towards Perfection answered:

Everyone’s different so what works for me might not for you, you just have to figure that out. If you’re new, if suggest working up your stamina with some cardio, but don’t get caught up on that. Definitely add in some strength training and weight. Possibly break it into days, for example I have two weight/strength days a week for 45 minutes. I break it up between upper/lower body. Another one to two days i’ll do cardio, either going to the gym and using a machine or going for a walk, run or bike ride, etc. For no more than an hour (I just get bored). You’ll have to try it out and see what your body does and what you like! Any exercise you do will help in the long run!

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